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Making an RISC-V OS (Part 3): Managing free memory 09 April 2024
This is the third part in a series to build an OS in Rust.

Now that we have access to the entire RAM in virtual addresses we need to find exactly
how much memory we have access to, and implement a way to allocate some of it for
future usages.
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Making an RISC-V OS (Part 2): Kernel in virtual addresses 09 February 2024
This is the second part in a series to build an OS in Rust.

This part is going to show how to build a kernel that correctly handles virtual addresses,
and what impact it has on the code we introduced in the first part.
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Making an RISC-V OS (Part 1): Project Setup 22 January 2024
This is the first part in a series about building an OS in Rust.
The plan is to have a fully functional RISC-V OS, built for QEMU, with a minimal number of external dependencies.

This first article is about laying the groundwork of the project, with the scaffolding of the kernel.
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I wanted to blog a bit 10 September 2022
I wanted to blog, but I knew I wanted some features that could be complex:
- No javascript
- Automatic discovery of my notes
- Highlighting for niche languages like nix.

And I wanted to build my static site generator too! This is how I made it.
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